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Please Note: As of 1/22/2018 the update of our credit card system has been completed! You will now be required to create and save new credit card wallet entries for use on future orders.
Any credit card wallets created in the past have now been deleted.
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As a first-generation contract dining service provider, we intend to continue our innovative approach to dining with extraordinarily gifted chefs, fresh, distinctive cuisine, and superb service.  Our corporate growth, personal commitment to excellence, and decades of experience will continue to satisfy clients and guests and have them looking forward to their next meal, prepared especially for them.

Mission Statement

Parkhurst Dining Services will provide consistent high-quality dining services to the finest educational institutions, corporations, and cultural destinations in its marketing region - dining services designed and developed in a culture that places a premium on culinary excellence and innovation, and guest service that exceeds expectations.

Parkhurst will continually nurture its relationships with clients and vendors by treating them as partners, delivering on promises and guaranteeing a highly personalized approach to contract dining services.

Our success will be predicated on recruiting and retaining a highly motivated, diverse, and caring group of associates.  Through career planning and training based upon the values of continuous improvement, we are committed to helping our associates achieve their professional and personal goals.

Personal Relationships...Authentic Culinary Experience

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